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Rod Kempton: The Man. The Motivator. And the Mission.  

Powerful Directions, of San Diego California, helps you combine your values with your expertise to create your directions through results-based coaching, training, seminars, keynote addresses, and organizational analysis and development.

The Difference Is Experience.
Power Directions’ successful hands on experience in entrepreneurial, high tech manufacturing, health care, retail, financial services and academic environments provides a unique foundation for “coaching”, “consulting”, and “educational programs” which facilitate insightful and transformational client breakthroughs.

The Difference Is Process.
The Powerful Directions’ philosophy – Through analysis and assessments we bring the best ideas forward and use them to craft solutions and implementation strategies. Powerful Directions’ consulting inspires people to discover their options and then craft plans to implement those options.

The Difference Is Results.
Genuine empathy, an ability to truly listen, and knack for asking critical questions endows our coaches with an uncommon ability to pull diverse people and ideas together. This quickly identifies core individual and organizational issues. It’s also how they help authors & subject matter experts craft powerful learning experiences for audiences.

Coaching – Exploring personal / professional options and crafting plans to get there.
Who: Individuals in transition, emerging entrepreneurs, or experts with an idea.
“Something has to change. I need to be somewhere else or do something else.”
What: Identify critical information which becomes a plan and uniquely powerful language describing it.
How: Identify core values as decision points; expertise and attributes which bring success; when, where, and how that expertise can be used.
Consulting – Creating synergistic teams, structures and processes to bring success.
Who: Entrepreneurs or leaders needing to create or improve how they do business.
“Here’s what I want to do - how do I do it? I need help here.”
What: Design organizational roles, structures, reporting relationships, and business communication processes necessary to implement business strategies.
How: Clarify what is to happen, all the steps and resources needed, and create a plan for implementation.
– Designing a learning experience for step by step exploration, integration, and implementation of new skills.
Who: Authors and experts leveraging their expertise by creating a group learning experience. Organizations bringing new skills to their workforce.
“People need what I know, here’s what they need to learn.”
What: Designing a learning experience which transfers an expert’s wealth of knowledge to an audience who needs and wants it.
How: Craft a sequential exploration and integration process to learn and implement new skills based upon proven Instructional Systems Design (ISD).
Rod Kempton, Powerful Directions, 3511 6th Ave, #3B, San Diego, CA 92103 619.450.4343