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CHALLENGE – Entrepreneurs decide to market their expertise or favorite product. They must focus their business and craft high-impact product or service descriptions which guide their niche market to them. This becomes the foundation for business design and language for networking conversations, website descriptions, and marketing materials.
RESULTS – Coaching assessments clarified core values, which guided the business focus, providing product and service descriptions to identify the niche market. Strength and expertise assessments uncovered language demonstrating the unique expertise and product or service approach. That became the language used in marketing materials describing features and benefits for the target customers. It also answered the question, “What do you do?”

CHALLENGE – A web marketing entrepreneur owned a thriving business which included a skilled resource team. The entrepreneur needed to determine the best way to meet the growing business’s ability to meet client needs, continue profitability, continue rewarding and collaborative team working relationships, and meet a personal concern for balancing work and personal efforts.
RESULTS – Coaching about personal priorities and direction brought a decision to sell the business to one of the team members. A transition plan was developed and implemented taking the businesswoman from owner, to partner, to seller.

CHALLENGE – A new Facilities Management Department Director needed to “transform” a department’s poor customer service reputation. Internal clients often went elsewhere for project support, inadvertently circumventing legal and organizational procedures and policies.
RESULTS – A guided needs analysis brought restructured customer project management, refined reporting relationships, communication processes, and better use of subject matter expertise. The Director also received leadership and communication coaching. Enhanced internal working relationships brought better project implementation. Customer satisfaction improved and the new director was credited with the successful turn around of a troubled department.

CHALLENGE - An organization was changing a major business process effecting every department. The organization needed to establish a process change implementation plan; and design, implement and evaluate a timely, cost-effective training program for employees responsible for the changing business process.
RESULTS – A “transition task force” team was guided in developing an effective change management process at organization and department levels. A comprehensive training and certification program was developed and implemented for each employee responsible for the changed process rollout. This continues as an organization change management model.

CHALLENGE - Founding business partners created a University to provide education specifically designed for entrepreneurs. They needed someone to work with multiple instructors to design a curriculum in keeping with a very creative business philosophy. The education would be delivered in week long settings with multiple courses occurring in multiple areas of focus.
RESULTS – Instructional Systems Design in concert with sound Adult Learning Theory was used in guiding each instructor to design 4 hour courses focused on creating implementable outcomes for every participant. The “college” was delivered three times in one year to over 180 different entrepreneurs in topics ranging from business planning and marketing, through leadership and personal development, to taking your business “green”.

CHALLENGE - A Social Media Marketing entrepreneur and subject matter expert wanted to deliver an educational series designed to make an entrepreneur more capable of using Social Media Networking for business marketing purposes.
RESULTS – Through information analysis and instructional design, a five session series was developed combining instruction, mastermind, and lab situations to take any entrepreneur’s business marketing from strategy to implementation using current multiple social media networking sites and technologies.

CHALLENGE - A major multi-campus university system, as part of its leadership training, established a semi-annual business process and accountability institute for business officers. They also sought to provide attendees with practical tools enabling them to better deal with behaviors encountered in managing academic environment employees.
RESULTS – A comprehensive, high-involvement, two-hour seminar was created and presented to audiences of 250. By experiencing a structured framework of discovering thinking styles, and accompanying behaviors, attendees learned to identify: 1. Their own thinking style. 2. What people want others to understand about them and their thinking style. 3. Behaviors that work best when others need their help. 4. Behaviors they can implement when they need the help of others.

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