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Everyone is Talking.  

“Rod gave me a map; he helped me clarify what is important to me, what it is that I actually do, and finally, to uncover and reclaim the language to explain all of that!” L. K.

“Through our work together, Rod helped me pull all the things I want to do into my new company and now I’m on my way. This was so helpful.” J. A.

“Rod has a knack for listening to me and hearing things I don’t even realize I said. He then turns that back in such a way that I realize just what needs to be done, or how I can explain what I do.” J. D.

“Rod makes everything seem so easy to do after he helps me realize I already had everything I needed to do it. Decisions are so much easier now with a framework that is all about what is best for me.” D. W.

“Rod listens in such a way that he hears things most of us miss. He used my words to help me realize what I can do and how I can do it. I spent a few days really letting things sink in and then everything shifted.” M. V.

“Rod Kempton brings success to individuals and organizations by sharing his many years of experience and authentic talent with his coaching, organizational leadership and curriculum development skills. Individuals and businesses will receive tremendous benefit by listening carefully to Rod's coaching. Rod listens carefully to the needs and core values of others and is able to bring those elements forward to successful implementation. I've personally used his coaching and referred him to others for his talents with absolutely brilliant results and extremely satisfied clients.” B. R.

“I have had the opportunity to learn from Rod through our interactions at ASTD. He is passionate and effective at coaching others to career success. He is able to walk someone through their own self-discovery in a way that is enlightening and useful. I attended two workshops that he held with ASTD. He is comfortable in front of small and large groups and has a presentation style that is engaging and informative. I have appreciated your help and guidance Rod, thanks!” M. H.

Rod helped me make sense out of all the technical information I had in my head. We created a training program that actually helps people take marketing into today’s business communication world.” C. S.

“Rod Kempton took all our wonderful business ideas and the knowledge of our resource experts and shaped it into a concrete educational product which helps entrepreneurs succeed in business.” K. W.

“Rod is so articulate. Every time he presents, it is so straight forward it just makes sense that is what I should do.” B. E.

Rod Kempton, Powerful Directions, 3511 6th Ave, #3B, San Diego, CA 92103 619.450.4343